About Us

Hello All,

This is our web site to store the bits and pieces of the technical details we have come across. Most of them are related to programming.

Previously I used to document these kind of technical information and tips in several word and excel documents and store them in my computer. when my friends ask for some details, I used to copy them and send them through email.

Maintaining the articles in the computer in several documents became so difficult. Often I ended up searching the web for the same information I’ve already documented. So I have decided to maintain my bits and pieces of technical information in a single place which can be searched easily. As these notes and details does not have any private information, we have decided to go for a public website, Thus born this website.

I don’t know how much it is useful for the others. But this well be definitely helpful for me, my spouse and our friends. When we need any information we have dealt before, we are just opening this website and search for what we need. Now if my friends are asking for technical information, I’m just sending them the url.

If you are interested, please go through our articles and leave your comments and feedback.

Dahlia Sam & Beaulin Twinkle