Visual Studio 2013 Preview – Available For Download

The next version of visual studio, i.e. the Visual Studio 2013 is getting ready. In the mean while, Microsoft has released the preview version of Visual Studio 2013 Preview for download. If you are interested in trying out the new features of Visual Studio’s latest version, You can download and install the preview version from here….

The preview download is available for ultimate, premium, professional, test professional and team foundation versions. The preview for express edition is also available.

Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Downloads



Visual Studio Express 2013 Preview Downloads

Some of the new features in Visual Studio 2013:

  1. Full Support for the upcoming windows upgrade (Windows 8.1)
  2. Support for Windows 8.1 app development.
  3. User Interface improvements to improve user experience.
  4. Improved productivity features, for writing code faster like auto brace complete.
  5. New Peek Definition feature alongside Go To Definition.
  6. Enhancements in scroll-bar, which will give you visual location of the break points, bookmarks,… etc.
  7. Next version of .Net framework, 4.5.1.
  8. MVC 5.
  9. Improvements in Application Life cycle Management (ALM) features.
  10. Introduction of Performance and Diagnostics hub to improve debugging.


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