Adding a network printer in Windows 8 PC

How to add a network printer to the windows 8 operating system? Finding the add printer screen in windows 8 is different from the earlier versions of windows. Here I’ve provided step by step instruction for adding a network printer.

Follow the below steps for adding a network printer to the windows 8 operating system:

  1. click the start button in keyboard or got to the start screen.
  2. Start typing “Advanced printer”.
  3. Select “Settings” below the search box. you can see the “Advanced printer Setup” in the left result panel.
    Windows8 adding a network printer - Search
  4. Click the “Advanced printer Setup”. It will open “Add Printer” Screen.
  5. If the printer is not listed by default, click “Next”.
  6. In this screen you can find printer by its name. Or you can find the printers in the directory.
  7. Once you have selected the printer, click “Next” and follow the directions.

The network printer is now added to your windows 8.

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