Python: Get month name from number

How to find name of month in Python?

In today’s article of Python tip series, let us see how to find the name of the month form a number and from a given date.

Month name from number

To get the month’s name from the month number, you can use the calendar.month_name array or the calendar.month_abbr array in the calendar module. calendar.month_name is an array which represents the full month name on the other hand calendar.month_abbr represents the abbreviated month names. Here is a sample code.

import calendar

for month_no in range(1,13):
     print(month_no, ":", calendar.month_abbr[month_no], " -> ", calendar.month_name[month_no])
Python: Get month name from number

Name of the month from date

To get the month’s abbreviated and full name from a given date, use either the month_name / month_abbr arrays or the strftime() method from the datetime module. Here is a sample source code which uses both the methods.

from datetime import datetime
import calendar

given_date = datetime(year=2012, month=6, day=14)

# strftime method
month_short = given_date.strftime('%b')
month_long = given_date.strftime('%B')

print("\nShort and long month name: ", month_short, " -> ", month_long)

# month_name / month_abbr method
month_short = calendar.month_abbr[given_date.month]
month_long = calendar.month_name[given_date.month]

print("\nShort and long month name: ", month_short, " -> ", month_long)
Month name from date in Python

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