What is AJAX? Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

AJAX is the short form of Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. It is not another software language. It is a programming technique which uses the existing languages and standards. Using this technique, web applications can communicate with the server and update only a section of the web page. There is no need to reload the full page every time to refresh the data. Because of this the response time to fetch from the server will be fast.

This programming technique includes several programming languages and techniques like HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, DOM, XMLHttpRequests, JavaScript, …. etc.. The impotent part of this programming technique is XMLHttpRequests. XMLHttpRequests is used for the asynchronous communication with the server.

There are several Asynchronous JavaScript And XML frameworks available. Below are couple of well-known frameworks.

Famous Frameworks Based on AJAX:

  • jQuery: jQuery has AJAX framework in it.
  • ASP.NET AJAX: Microsoft took this concept and implemented few extension to achieve this functionality. It comes in the form of tool kit. You can download the ASP.NET Asynchronous JavaScript And XML Control ToolKit from here.

Tutorial About This Framework

W3CSchools.com has a basic tutorial about this programming technique for the beginners.

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