Extended Events vs Profiler Trace in SQL Server

Extended Events vs Profiler Trace

You might have already know that SQL Server Profiler and Trace are now deprecated. Even though it’s still available in SQL Server 2017, it will be removed in a forthcoming version. As an alliterative to Profiler and Trace, Microsoft is suggesting us to use the Extended Events (XEvents). In this article let us see a briefing about how Extended Events are comparable with Profiler and Trace.

Extended Events vs Profiler Trace


Extended Events

Profiler and Trace

1Light weight and uses very little system resources.Running profiler on the SQL Server will itself creates performance issues as it uses more system resource. Even SQL Trace uses more resource compared to XEvents.
2Helps to trace and track more events. In SQL server 2017 Extended Event Session creation wizard, I could see 669 events.Profiler and trace has around 235 events.
3It will not impact the performance of the servers as profiler does.Will impact the performance of the server while using them.
4Can be used to run for longer period of time.Not advised to run for longer period of time as it consumes more resource on production server.
5Has built-in templates.Has built-in templates.
6Successor to Profiler and Trace.Profiler and Trace are deprecated. They may be removed in a future SQL Server version (read more).

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