SQL Server Basics – Tutorial

SQL Server Basics

A simple step by step tutorial on the basics of Microsoft SQL Server. This tutorial is focused for the beginners who are trying to learn SQL Server from scratch. This tutorial is now in-progress. I’ll add links to the chapters as and when it is complete.

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Index of Chapters

  1. SQL Server Editions
  2. Get SQL Server Developer Edition
  3. SQL Server Installation
  4. SQL Server Management Studio (Part-1)
  5. SQL Server Management Studio (Part-2)
  6. Installing WideWorldImporters Sample Database for Learning
  7. Generating More Data In WideWorldImporters
  8. Database Creation and Manipulation
  9. Creating Logins and Providing Permissions
  10. Table Creation and Manipulation
  11. Working with Keys
  12. Working with Constraints
  13. <— Work In Progress –>


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