RIPEMD-160 Hash Code Generator


This online hash code tool generates RIPEMD-160 cryptographic hash codes for the given string. Also, read more for the uses of RIPEMD-160 hashing algorithm in information technology.


About RIPEMD-160 Hash Generator Tool

This tool generates RIPEMD-160 hash codes from the entered text.

Steps for using this tool:

  1. Enter or paste your text in the first text box and click Generate RIPEMD-160 Hash Code button.
  2. The RIPEMD-160 hash code for the entered text appears in the second box.

RIPEMD-160 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm

RIPEMD-160 Cryptography

RIPEMD-160 Cryptography

RIPEMD is the short form of (RACE Integrity Primitives Evaluation Message Digest). RIPEMD-160 is the advanced and more secure version of the original RIPEMD. This cryptographic algorithm is widely used to cross verify the data integrity. The RIPEMD-160 algorithm computes and generates a hexadecimal number for text or binary value. This hexadecimal number is 40 digits long, i.e. 160 bit. For example, the MD5 hash code for is 52b8392bb99b90153ff8edf47cb1a30b4418a5f5.

Uses of RIPEMD-160 Hashing Algorithm

  1. To verify the authenticity of a received file, the RIPEMD-160 hash code of the received file can be verified with the RIPEMD-160 hash code generated from the source file. Thus any tampering or data loss can be identified.
  2. Generating RIPEMD-160 hash code for strings and texts will be useful for password encryption, validating the authenticity of email content, etc..

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