Date Calculator (Add to Date or Subtract from Date)


Enter the date in the Start Date field. Select the operation either (+)Add or (-)Subtract. Then enter the years, months, weeks or days you want to add to or subtract from the start date.


Adding or Subtracting Date

Adding or Subtracting Date

Using this calculator, you can add or subtract years, months, weeks or dates to a date. Enter a date in the Start Date field and enter the number of years, months, weeks or dates. Finally press the Calculate Date button to get the result. This calculator is based on Gregorian Calendar.


There are several types of calendars like Gregorian, Julian, Islamic, Persian, Hebrew, Coptic, etc. In this calculator we have used Gregorian Calendar.

CE / AD: Common Era or Anno Domini.

BCE / BC: Before Common Era or Before Christ.

Range Of Values

Below are the valid range of values which can be used in this calculator.

Start Date: Range of 0001-01-01 AD/CE to 4000-12-31 AD/CE

Years: Range of 0 to 5000.

Months: Range of 0 to 5000.

Weeks: Range of 0 to 5000.

Days: Range of 0 to 99999.


The result will be displayed at the result section in both YYYY-MM-DD ERA and in long date format.


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