Body Fat Percentage (BFP) Calculator


Enter your gender, age, height and weight. Then click the "Calculate BFP" button.


About Body Fat Percentage (BFP) Calculator

Body Fat Percentage (BFP) Calculator

This on-line BFP calculator takes your gender, age, weight and height and calculates the percentage of fat in the body. The formula used is based on BMI.

Using the BFP calculator

  1. Select your Gender.
  2. Enter your Age.
  3. Enter your Height either in centimeters or in feet.
  4. Enter your Weight either in kilogram (kg) or in pounds (lb.).
  5. Then, click the Calculate BFP button. The body fat percentage will be calculated and the result will be displayed in the box below the button.

Body Fat Percentage (BFP)

Body Fat Percent is calculated by dividing the total weight of the fat divided by the body weight. Every human needs to have a certain amount of essential fat. The essential fat percent varies hugely between women and men. Below is a chart of body fat percent ranges for women and men.


There are several formulas used for calculating body fat percentage. This calculator uses the formula based on BMI. This will give an approximate result.

BFP Formula for Children

BFP = (1.51 * BMI) − (0.70 * Age) − (3.6 * S) + 1.4


  • S = 1 for male and 0 for female.
  • BMI = Body Mass Index.
  • Age = Age in years.

BFP Formula for Adults

BFP = (1.20 * BMI) + (0.23 * Age) − (10.8 * S) − 5.4


  • S = 1 for male and 0 for female.
  • BMI = Body Mass Index.
  • Age = Age in years.

Fat % Category

BFP Category Women Men
Essential Fat Percent10-13%2-5%
Fat Percent for Athletes14-20%6-13%
Fitness Level21-24%14-17%
Average Level24-31%18-24%
Obese Level32% and above25% and above
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