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XML Encoder is a tool to convert the XML's predefined entities to standard character data. For example, when you want to add a paragraph of text containing < and > within a XML code file, the XML parser will interpret them as XML markup and may throw syntax error. To avoid this problem, the characters and symbols predefined for XML needs to be converted to their equivalent named or numeric entities. This free online XML encoder tool will help you to escape the XML markups in your text to their equivalent entity codes, so as the XML parser can interpret them and displays them as characters.

There are only 5 predefined entities in XML specification.

Don't confuse XML Encoder with HTML Encoder. XML encoder converts just the 5 predefined XML entities to the corresponding escape codes. But the HTML encoder converts these five characters plus all the special characters and symbols to escape code. I've listed the 252 HTML named entities and numeric entities here.

The below table has 5 XML predefined entities and their corresponding named and numeric escape codes.

XML Predefined enteties Numeric escape code Named escape code Description
"&#34;&quot;Double quot
'&#39;&#39;Single quot
<&#60;&lt;Less than symbol
>&#62;&gt;Greater than symbol


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