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About ASCII Decoder Tool

ASCII Encoder and Decoder

The ASCII decoder tool is a free online utility that allows you to decode previously-encoded text messages that were encoded using the ASCII character set. ASCII, which stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, is a widely-used character encoding system that represents text using a set of 128 characters, including letters, numbers, punctuation, and control codes.

With the ASCII decoder tool, you can enter an ASCII-encoded text message in one of two formats: either as decimal values for each character separated by space (e.g. 99 111 109), or as ASCII HTML codes (e.g. com). Once you have entered the encoded message, the tool will automatically convert it back into readable text, displaying the decoded message in a box below the input field.

This tool can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as decoding text that has been encoded for use in email messages, online forums, or other applications that require ASCII text. Additionally, the tool can be helpful for users who are learning about ASCII encoding and want to experiment with encoding and decoding different messages.

Overall, the ASCII decoder tool is a simple and easy-to-use utility that provides a quick and convenient way to decode text that has been previously encoded using the ASCII character set.

Steps for using the ASCII encoder tool:

  1. First, select the input type. Either ASCII Numbers or ASCII HTML Codes.
  2. Then, type in or paste your ASCII-encoded text message in the input text box.
    • For the option ASCII Numbers the input text should be a decimal value for each character separated by space like 119 119 119 46 109 121 116 101 99 98 105 116 115 46 99 111 109 for which the decoder output will be
    • For the second option ASCII HTML Codes the input text should be a HTML numeric escape code like for which the decoder output will be
  3. Finally, press the Convert to Text button.
  4. The ASCII-encoded text will be decoded to a regular text message and appears in the second box below.


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