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About Base64 Encoding

Base64 Encoder

Base64 encoding is one among the binary to text encoding formats. Binary-to-text encoding is a type of encoding where the data are encoded to plain text. These types of encoding are used where the channels wont allow or limitations in allowing 8-bit characters.

In base64 encoding, the 8-bit characters are converted to binary data and then the binary values are combined together. then it’s divided in to 6-bit groups starting from left to right. these 6-bit groups are then coded with their individual values. i.e. one among the 64 possible values. the base64 values could be from “a” to “z”, “a” to “z”, “0” to “9”, “+” and “/”. To make sure the last group of 6-bit data has 4 base64 values, the ‘=’ character will be added to the end.

The best practical example of base64 encoding is MIME email content. Another example is the ViewState in ASP.NET web forms. The ViewState data is encrypted with base64 so as it can be safely transmitted through http post.

For example, "" will be Base64 encoded as "d3d3Lm15dGVjYml0cy5jb20=".

The details of Base64 specifications is available here.


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