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Easily convert blood sugar levels between different units with our Blood Sugar Converter. This user-friendly tool helps you effortlessly switch between mg/dL and mmol/L. Try it now!

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About Blood Sugar Converter

Blood Sugar Converter

Our Blood Sugar Converter or Blood Glucose level Converter tool is designed to help you easily convert blood sugar levels between different units of measurement. Whether you're tracking your glucose levels for diabetes management or simply monitoring your health, this tool provides a straightforward and efficient way to switch between common units used globally.

Key Features

  • Conversion Options: Easily switch between mmol/L to mg/dL and mg/dL to mmol/L.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple radio button options for selecting conversion type, a numeric text box for inputting values, and a "Convert" button for instant results.
  • Instant Results: The converted value is displayed immediately below the convert button for quick and easy reference.

How to Use

  1. Select Conversion Type: Use the radio button options to select the conversion type you need. If you want to convert from mmol/L to mg/dL, choose that option. Alternatively, select mg/dL to mmol/L if that's your requirement.
  2. Enter Blood Sugar Value: Then, in the numeric text box, enter the blood sugar value that you want to convert. Ensure that the value corresponds to the unit type selected in the conversion options.
  3. Convert and View Result: Finally, press the Convert button to execute the conversion. The converter tool will then calculate and display the converted value in the result section, giving you an instant conversion.

Example Usage

Scenario: You have a blood sugar reading of 90 mg/dL and you want to know its equivalent in mmol/L.

  1. Select Conversion Type: Choose mg/dL to mmol/L from the radio button options.
  2. Enter Value: Type in 90 into the text box.
  3. Convert: Press the Convert button.
  4. Result: The tool will display the converted value, which is approximately 5.0 mmol/L, in the result section.

This Blood Sugar Converter tool is ideal for patients, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in managing their health metrics more effectively.


The Blood Sugar Converter tool is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider for any questions or concerns regarding your blood sugar levels and overall health. The accuracy of the conversion tool is based on standard formulas, but individual circumstances may vary. Use this tool responsibly and at your own discretion.

Blood Sugar Conversion

Understanding and monitoring blood sugar levels are crucial for managing diabetes and maintaining overall health. Blood sugar levels can be measured in different units depending on the country and medical practices. The two most commonly used units are millimoles per liter (mmol/L) and milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

Units of measurement

  • mmol/L (Millimoles per Liter): This unit is predominantly used in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe. It measures the concentration of glucose molecules in the blood.
  • mg/dL (Milligrams per Deciliter): This unit is commonly used in the United States, India and Japan. It represents the mass of glucose in a specific volume of blood.

Conversion Formulas

To convert blood sugar levels between mmol/L and mg/dL and vice versa, specific formulas are used:

  1. Converting mmol/L to mg/dL

    mg/dL = mmol/L × 18

    This formula is based on the molecular weight of glucose (approximately 180 g/mol). For example, if your blood sugar level is 5 mmol/L, you can convert it to mg/dL as follows:

    5 mmol/L × 18 = 90 mg/dL

  2. Converting mg/dL to mmol/L

    mmol/L = mg/dL ÷ 18

    Using the same principle, if your blood sugar level is 90 mg/dL, you can convert it to mmol/L as follows:

    90 mg/dL ÷ 18 = 5 mmol/L

Practical Application

Understanding these conversions is essential for anyone who needs to interpret blood glucose readings, especially when traveling or reading medical literature from different countries. Healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers can all benefit from being able to quickly and accurately convert blood sugar values.


  • More about blood sugar levels at Wikipedia.

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