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Gram(g) , Ounce(oz) & Pound(lb) Conversion Chart

Generating And Printing The Gram(g) & Pound(lb) Conversion Chart

  1. Select the Distance/Length conversion you want to perform from the drop down box Conversion Type. You can convert from Gram to Pound and vice versa.
  2. Select the decimal place rounding in the Rounding drop down. By default, this converter uses 3 decimal places.
  3. Enter the Starting Distance you desire to start the conversion chart.
  4. Enter the Interval between the distance. Example: -100, -10, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 10, 100, etc...
  5. Click the Generate Chart button to generate your desired chart. See list of Gram conversion charts you can generate .
  6. Click the Print button to print the chart you have generated. This printing option allows you to print only the chart portion.

Conversion Type
Round To
Digit Separation
Start. Value
Gram Pound
1g 0lb 0.035oz
11g 0lb 0.388oz
21g 0lb 0.741oz
31g 0lb 1.093oz
41g 0lb 1.446oz
51g 0lb 1.799oz
61g 0lb 2.152oz
71g 0lb 2.504oz
81g 0lb 2.857oz
91g 0lb 3.21oz
101g 0lb 3.563oz
111g 0lb 3.915oz
121g 0lb 4.268oz
131g 0lb 4.621oz
141g 0lb 4.974oz
151g 0lb 5.326oz
161g 0lb 5.679oz
171g 0lb 6.032oz
181g 0lb 6.385oz
191g 0lb 6.737oz
201g 0lb 7.09oz
211g 0lb 7.443oz
221g 0lb 7.796oz
231g 0lb 8.148oz
241g 0lb 8.501oz
Gram Pound
251g 0lb 8.854oz
261g 0lb 9.207oz
271g 0lb 9.559oz
281g 0lb 9.912oz
291g 0lb 10.265oz
301g 0lb 10.617oz
311g 0lb 10.97oz
321g 0lb 11.323oz
331g 0lb 11.676oz
341g 0lb 12.028oz
351g 0lb 12.381oz
361g 0lb 12.734oz
371g 0lb 13.087oz
381g 0lb 13.439oz
391g 0lb 13.792oz
401g 0lb 14.145oz
411g 0lb 14.498oz
421g 0lb 14.85oz
431g 0lb 15.203oz
441g 0lb 15.556oz
451g 0lb 15.909oz
461g 1lb 0.261oz
471g 1lb 0.614oz
481g 1lb 0.967oz
491g 1lb 1.32oz
Gram Pound
501g 1lb 1.672oz
511g 1lb 2.025oz
521g 1lb 2.378oz
531g 1lb 2.73oz
541g 1lb 3.083oz
551g 1lb 3.436oz
561g 1lb 3.789oz
571g 1lb 4.141oz
581g 1lb 4.494oz
591g 1lb 4.847oz
601g 1lb 5.2oz
611g 1lb 5.552oz
621g 1lb 5.905oz
631g 1lb 6.258oz
641g 1lb 6.611oz
651g 1lb 6.963oz
661g 1lb 7.316oz
671g 1lb 7.669oz
681g 1lb 8.022oz
691g 1lb 8.374oz
701g 1lb 8.727oz
711g 1lb 9.08oz
721g 1lb 9.433oz
731g 1lb 9.785oz
741g 1lb 10.138oz
Gram Pound
751g 1lb 10.491oz
761g 1lb 10.843oz
771g 1lb 11.196oz
781g 1lb 11.549oz
791g 1lb 11.902oz
801g 1lb 12.254oz
811g 1lb 12.607oz
821g 1lb 12.96oz
831g 1lb 13.313oz
841g 1lb 13.665oz
851g 1lb 14.018oz
861g 1lb 14.371oz
871g 1lb 14.724oz
881g 1lb 15.076oz
891g 1lb 15.429oz
901g 1lb 15.782oz
911g 2lb 0.135oz
921g 2lb 0.487oz
931g 2lb 0.84oz
941g 2lb 1.193oz
951g 2lb 1.546oz
961g 2lb 1.898oz
971g 2lb 2.251oz
981g 2lb 2.604oz
991g 2lb 2.956oz

Types Of Grams, Pounds & Ounces Conversion Charts

Below are the types of g, lb & oz conversion charts or tables you can generate. You can choose these charts by changing the options in Conversion Type drop down field above.

  • Gram (g) to Pound (lb) & Ounce (oz) conversion chart.
  • Gram (g) to Pound (lb) conversion chart.
  • Gram (g) to Ounce (oz) conversion chart.
  • Pound (lb) to Gram (g) conversion chart.
  • Ounce (oz) to Gram (g) conversion chart.

(Generate Chart)

Formula For Converting Gram to Pound and Ounce and vice versa

Gram to Pound Conversion Formula

  • 1 lb = 453.59237 g (Per the 1959 agreement between United Kingdom, U.S.A., and other countries)
  • So, 1 g = 1 / 453.59237 lb = 0.002204622621848775807229738 lb
  • 500 g = 500 x 0.002204622621848775807229738 lb = 1.1023113109243879036148690067 lb

Gram to Ounce Conversion Formula

  • 1 lb = 453.59237 g (Per the 1959 agreement between United Kingdom, U.S.A., and other countries)
  • 1 lb = 16 oz
  • So, 1 g = 16 / 453.59237 oz = 0.0352739619495804129156758082 oz
  • 500 g = 500 x 0.0352739619495804129156758082 oz = 17.636980974790206457837904108 oz

Gram to Pound and Ounce Conversion Formula

  • 500 g = 500 x 0.0352739619495804129156758082 oz = 17.636980974790206457837904108 oz
  • 1 lb = 16 oz
  • 1 oz = 1 / 16 lb = 0.0625 lb
  • So, 500 g = 1 lb + 1.636980974790206457837904108 oz

Pound to Gram Conversion Formula

  • 1 lb = 453.59237 g
  • So, 50 lb = 50 x 453.59237 g = 22679.61850 lb

Ounce to Gram Conversion Formula

  • 1 oz = 1 / 16 lb = 0.0625 lb
  • 1 lb = 453.59237 g
  • So, 1 oz = 0.0625 x 453.59237 g = 28.349523125 g
  • 50 oz = 50 x 28.349523125 g = 1417.476156250 g


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