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* Rounding may affect the result of very small decimal values. If you are expecting small decimal value, then please select 8 Decimals or higher option in the Round To field.

Using The US Cup to Millilitre Unit Converter

  1. Enter the from unit value, either US Cup or Millilitre.
  2. Either tab out or press Convert button.
  3. The result will be shown in the result section.
  4. By default, the decimal rounding option is set to Do Not Round. If you want the decimals of the result values to be rounded? Then, select the decimal numbers to be rounded from the Round To drop down list.
  5. You can swap the US Cup (cup) and Millilitre (ml) units by pressing the the Swap Units button.

US Cup(cup) & Millilitre(ml) Conversion Chart

Generating And Printing The US Cup(cup) & Millilitre(ml) Conversion Chart

  1. Select the Volume conversion you want to perform from the drop-down box Conversion Type. You can convert from US Cup to Millilitre and vice versa.
  2. Select the decimal place rounding in the Rounding drop down. By default, this converter uses 6 decimal places.
  3. Enter the Starting Volume you desire to start the conversion chart.
  4. Enter the Interval between volumes. Example: -100, -10, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 10, 100, etc...
  5. Click the Generate Chart button to generate your desired chart.
  6. Click the Print button to print the chart you have generated. This printing option allows you to print only the chart portion.

Conversion Type
Round To
Digit Separation
Start. Value
US Cup Millilitre
1cup 236.588236ml
2cup 473.176473ml
3cup 709.76471ml
4cup 946.352946ml
5cup 1,182.941182ml
6cup 1,419.529419ml
7cup 1,656.117656ml
8cup 1,892.705892ml
9cup 2,129.294128ml
10cup 2,365.882365ml
11cup 2,602.470602ml
12cup 2,839.058838ml
13cup 3,075.647074ml
14cup 3,312.235311ml
15cup 3,548.823548ml
16cup 3,785.411784ml
17cup 4,022.00002ml
18cup 4,258.588257ml
19cup 4,495.176494ml
20cup 4,731.76473ml
21cup 4,968.352966ml
22cup 5,204.941203ml
23cup 5,441.52944ml
24cup 5,678.117676ml
25cup 5,914.705912ml
US Cup Millilitre
26cup 6,151.294149ml
27cup 6,387.882386ml
28cup 6,624.470622ml
29cup 6,861.058858ml
30cup 7,097.647095ml
31cup 7,334.235332ml
32cup 7,570.823568ml
33cup 7,807.411804ml
34cup 8,044.000041ml
35cup 8,280.588278ml
36cup 8,517.176514ml
37cup 8,753.76475ml
38cup 8,990.352987ml
39cup 9,226.941224ml
40cup 9,463.52946ml
41cup 9,700.117696ml
42cup 9,936.705933ml
43cup 10,173.29417ml
44cup 10,409.882406ml
45cup 10,646.470642ml
46cup 10,883.058879ml
47cup 11,119.647116ml
48cup 11,356.235352ml
49cup 11,592.823588ml
50cup 11,829.411825ml
US Cup Millilitre
51cup 12,066.000062ml
52cup 12,302.588298ml
53cup 12,539.176534ml
54cup 12,775.764771ml
55cup 13,012.353008ml
56cup 13,248.941244ml
57cup 13,485.52948ml
58cup 13,722.117717ml
59cup 13,958.705954ml
60cup 14,195.29419ml
61cup 14,431.882426ml
62cup 14,668.470663ml
63cup 14,905.0589ml
64cup 15,141.647136ml
65cup 15,378.235372ml
66cup 15,614.823609ml
67cup 15,851.411846ml
68cup 16,088.000082ml
69cup 16,324.588318ml
70cup 16,561.176555ml
71cup 16,797.764792ml
72cup 17,034.353028ml
73cup 17,270.941264ml
74cup 17,507.529501ml
75cup 17,744.117738ml
US Cup Millilitre
76cup 17,980.705974ml
77cup 18,217.29421ml
78cup 18,453.882447ml
79cup 18,690.470684ml
80cup 18,927.05892ml
81cup 19,163.647156ml
82cup 19,400.235393ml
83cup 19,636.82363ml
84cup 19,873.411866ml
85cup 20,110.000102ml
86cup 20,346.588339ml
87cup 20,583.176576ml
88cup 20,819.764812ml
89cup 21,056.353048ml
90cup 21,292.941285ml
91cup 21,529.529522ml
92cup 21,766.117758ml
93cup 22,002.705994ml
94cup 22,239.294231ml
95cup 22,475.882468ml
96cup 22,712.470704ml
97cup 22,949.05894ml
98cup 23,185.647177ml
99cup 23,422.235414ml
100cup 23,658.82365ml

US Cup (cup)

US Cup otherwise called as US Customary Cup is one among the common unit of measuring liquids in USA. One US Cup is exactly equals to 236.5882365 Milliliters(ml). Cup is usually represented in short form as ‘cup’. Below is the relationship between US Cup and other fluid unit of measurements.

  • 1 US Cup = 0.2365882365 Litre.
  • 1 US Cup = 236.5882365 Millilitre.
  • 1 US Cup = 0.0625 US Gallon.
  • 1 US Cup = 0.052042136539 UK Gallon.
  • 1 US Cup = 0.832673085654 UK Cup.

Millilitre (ml)

Milliliter (American Spelling) is also spelled as Millilitre in British English. Milliliter is represented in short form as “ML” or “ml”. Below is the relationship between Milliliter and other important fluid unit of measurements.

  • 1 Millilitre = 0.000264172052 US Gallon.
  • 1 Millilitre = 0.004226752838 US Cup.
  • 1 Millilitre = 0.001 Litre.
  • 1 Millilitre = 0.000219969248 UK Gallon.
  • 1 Millilitre = 0.003519503328 UK Cup.

US Cups To ML conversion

Volume Conversion - US Cup to Ml

Cup to ml is one among the frequently used unit conversion. One US Cup is exactly equals to 236.5882365 Milliliters(ml). Some common US Cup to ML conversion questions are:

Milliliters in US Cup Fractions

  • 1 US Cup (one US Cup) = 236.588 ml.
  • ¾ US Cup (three quarters of a US Cup) = 177.441 ml.
  • ½ US Cup (half of a US Cup) = 118.294 ml.
  • ¼ US Cup (quarters of a US Cup) = 59.147 ml.


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