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US Gallon


* Rounding may affect the result of very small decimal values. If you are expecting small decimal value, then please select 8 Decimals or higher option in the Round To field.

Using The US Gallon to Litre Unit Converter

  1. Enter the from unit value, either US Gallon or Litre.
  2. Either tab out or press Convert button.
  3. The result will be shown in the result section.
  4. By default, the decimal rounding option is set to Do Not Round. If you want the decimals of the result values to be rounded? Then, select the decimal numbers to be rounded from the Round To drop down list.
  5. You can swap the US Gallon (gal) and Litre (l) units by pressing the the Swap Units button.

US Gallon(gal) & Litre(l) Conversion Chart

Generating And Printing The US Gallon(gal) & Litre(l) Conversion Chart

  1. Select the Volume conversion you want to perform from the drop-down box Conversion Type. You can convert from US Gallon to Litre and vice versa.
  2. Select the decimal place rounding in the Rounding drop down. By default, this converter uses 6 decimal places.
  3. Enter the Starting Volume you desire to start the conversion chart.
  4. Enter the Interval between volumes. Example: -100, -10, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 10, 100, etc...
  5. Click the Generate Chart button to generate your desired chart.
  6. Click the Print button to print the chart you have generated. This printing option allows you to print only the chart portion.

Conversion Type
Round To
Digit Separation
Start. Value
US Gallon Litre
1gal 3.785412l
2gal 7.570824l
3gal 11.356235l
4gal 15.141647l
5gal 18.927059l
6gal 22.712471l
7gal 26.497882l
8gal 30.283294l
9gal 34.068706l
10gal 37.854118l
11gal 41.63953l
12gal 45.424941l
13gal 49.210353l
14gal 52.995765l
15gal 56.781177l
16gal 60.566589l
17gal 64.352l
18gal 68.137412l
19gal 71.922824l
20gal 75.708236l
21gal 79.493647l
22gal 83.279059l
23gal 87.064471l
24gal 90.849883l
25gal 94.635295l
US Gallon Litre
26gal 98.420706l
27gal 102.206118l
28gal 105.99153l
29gal 109.776942l
30gal 113.562354l
31gal 117.347765l
32gal 121.133177l
33gal 124.918589l
34gal 128.704001l
35gal 132.489412l
36gal 136.274824l
37gal 140.060236l
38gal 143.845648l
39gal 147.63106l
40gal 151.416471l
41gal 155.201883l
42gal 158.987295l
43gal 162.772707l
44gal 166.558118l
45gal 170.34353l
46gal 174.128942l
47gal 177.914354l
48gal 181.699766l
49gal 185.485177l
50gal 189.270589l
US Gallon Litre
51gal 193.056001l
52gal 196.841413l
53gal 200.626825l
54gal 204.412236l
55gal 208.197648l
56gal 211.98306l
57gal 215.768472l
58gal 219.553883l
59gal 223.339295l
60gal 227.124707l
61gal 230.910119l
62gal 234.695531l
63gal 238.480942l
64gal 242.266354l
65gal 246.051766l
66gal 249.837178l
67gal 253.62259l
68gal 257.408001l
69gal 261.193413l
70gal 264.978825l
71gal 268.764237l
72gal 272.549648l
73gal 276.33506l
74gal 280.120472l
75gal 283.905884l
US Gallon Litre
76gal 287.691296l
77gal 291.476707l
78gal 295.262119l
79gal 299.047531l
80gal 302.832943l
81gal 306.618355l
82gal 310.403766l
83gal 314.189178l
84gal 317.97459l
85gal 321.760002l
86gal 325.545413l
87gal 329.330825l
88gal 333.116237l
89gal 336.901649l
90gal 340.687061l
91gal 344.472472l
92gal 348.257884l
93gal 352.043296l
94gal 355.828708l
95gal 359.614119l
96gal 363.399531l
97gal 367.184943l
98gal 370.970355l
99gal 374.755767l
100gal 378.541178l

US Gallon

Volume Conversion - US Gallons to Litres

Gallon is one among the common unit of measuring liquids in USA. One US Gallon is equal to 3.785411784 Litres. Gallon is usually represented in short form as ‘gal’. Below is the relationship between US Gallon and other fluid unit of measurements.

  • 1 US Gallon = 3.785411784 Litre.
  • 1 US Gallon = 3785.411784 Millilitre.
  • 1 US Gallon = 16 US Cup.
  • 1 US Gallon = 0.832674184629 UK Gallon.
  • 1 US Gallon = 13.322769370466 UK Cup.


Liter (American Spelling) is also spelled as Litre in British English. One liter is equal to 1 cubic decimeter (dm3). Liter is represented in short form as “L” or “l”. Below is the relationship between Liter and other important fluid unit of measurements.

  • 1 Litre = 0.264172052358 US Gallon.
  • 1 Litre = 4.226752837730 US Cup.
  • 1 Litre = 1000 Millilitre.
  • 1 Litre = 0.219969248299 UK Gallon.
  • 1 Litre = 3.519503327690 UK Cup.


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