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About Ponderal Index Calculator

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This calculator is used to calculate your ponderal index also known as corpulence index or rohrer's index. Ponderal Index is more accurate compared to the Body Mass Index.

Using Ponderal Index Calculator

  1. Choose Adult or Infant/Child.
  2. Enter the Weight either in pounds (lb.) or in kilogram (kg).
  3. Enter the Height in Centimeters (cm) or in Feet (ft.) and Inches (in.).
    (NOTE: For an infant, you can use the crown-heel length for height field.)
  4. Finally, click the Calculate Ponderal Index button. The ponderal index will be calculated and the result will be displayed in the box below the button.

Ponderal Index or Corpulence Index or Rohrer's Index

Ponderal index otherwise called as corpulence index or Rohrer's index. This index combines an individual's weight and height and results an index value for classifying the body weight as normal or abnormal. Ponderal index is considered as an improvement over BMI (Body Mass Index). The reason being, BMI considers body as a two-dimensional square, where as ponderal index considers the body as a three-dimensional cube. BMI uses a single formula for adults and infants, whereas PI uses slightly different formula for infants compared to the adult formula. Let's see the formulas used to calculate PI.


PI = mass ÷ height3


  • mass = Body weight in kilograms.
  • height = Height of an adult in meters (or) crown-heel length of an infant in centimeters.

Ponderal Index Range

PI Range For Adult

Range Category
Less than 8 Severe Underweight
8 - 11 Underweight
11 to 15 Normal
15 to 17 Overweight
17 and above Obese

PI Range For Infant/Child

Range Category
2.2 - 3 Normal


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