Kilometer to Foot: km to ft / ft to km conversion


Usage: (1) Enter the value and tab out or click Convert. (In Detail)

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* Rounding may affect the result of very small decimal values. If you are expecting small decimal value, then please select 8 Decimals or higher option in the Round To field.

Using The Kilometer to Foot Unit Converter

  1. Enter the from unit value, either Kilometer or Foot.
  2. Either tab out or press Convert button.
  3. The result will be shown in the result section.
  4. By default, the decimal rounding option is set to Do Not Round. If you want the decimals of the result values to be rounded? Then, select the decimal numbers to be rounded from the Round To drop down list.
  5. You can swap the Kilometer (km) and Foot (ft) units by pressing the the Swap Units button.

Kilometer(km) & Foot(ft) Conversion Chart

Generating And Printing The Kilometer(km) & Foot(ft) Conversion Chart

  1. Select the Distance/Length conversion you want to perform from the drop down box Conversion Type. You can convert from Kilometer to Foot and vice versa.
  2. Select the decimal place rounding in the Rounding drop down. By default, this converter uses 6 decimal places.
  3. Enter the Starting Distance you desire to start the conversion chart.
  4. Enter the Interval between the distance. Example: -100, -10, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 10, 100, etc...
  5. Click the Generate Chart button to generate your desired chart.
  6. Click the Print button to print the chart you have generated. This printing option allows you to print only the chart portion.

Conversion Type
Round To
Digit Separation
Start. Value
Kilometer Foot
1km 3,280.839895ft
2km 6,561.67979ft
3km 9,842.519685ft
4km 13,123.35958ft
5km 16,404.199475ft
6km 19,685.03937ft
7km 22,965.879265ft
8km 26,246.71916ft
9km 29,527.559055ft
10km 32,808.39895ft
11km 36,089.238845ft
12km 39,370.07874ft
13km 42,650.918635ft
14km 45,931.75853ft
15km 49,212.598425ft
16km 52,493.43832ft
17km 55,774.278215ft
18km 59,055.11811ft
19km 62,335.958005ft
20km 65,616.7979ft
21km 68,897.637795ft
22km 72,178.47769ft
23km 75,459.317585ft
24km 78,740.15748ft
25km 82,020.997375ft
Kilometer Foot
26km 85,301.83727ft
27km 88,582.677165ft
28km 91,863.51706ft
29km 95,144.356955ft
30km 98,425.19685ft
31km 101,706.036745ft
32km 104,986.87664ft
33km 108,267.716535ft
34km 111,548.55643ft
35km 114,829.396325ft
36km 118,110.23622ft
37km 121,391.076115ft
38km 124,671.91601ft
39km 127,952.755906ft
40km 131,233.595801ft
41km 134,514.435696ft
42km 137,795.275591ft
43km 141,076.115486ft
44km 144,356.955381ft
45km 147,637.795276ft
46km 150,918.635171ft
47km 154,199.475066ft
48km 157,480.314961ft
49km 160,761.154856ft
50km 164,041.994751ft
Kilometer Foot
51km 167,322.834646ft
52km 170,603.674541ft
53km 173,884.514436ft
54km 177,165.354331ft
55km 180,446.194226ft
56km 183,727.034121ft
57km 187,007.874016ft
58km 190,288.713911ft
59km 193,569.553806ft
60km 196,850.393701ft
61km 200,131.233596ft
62km 203,412.073491ft
63km 206,692.913386ft
64km 209,973.753281ft
65km 213,254.593176ft
66km 216,535.433071ft
67km 219,816.272966ft
68km 223,097.112861ft
69km 226,377.952756ft
70km 229,658.792651ft
71km 232,939.632546ft
72km 236,220.472441ft
73km 239,501.312336ft
74km 242,782.152231ft
75km 246,062.992126ft
Kilometer Foot
76km 249,343.832021ft
77km 252,624.671916ft
78km 255,905.511811ft
79km 259,186.351706ft
80km 262,467.191601ft
81km 265,748.031496ft
82km 269,028.871391ft
83km 272,309.711286ft
84km 275,590.551181ft
85km 278,871.391076ft
86km 282,152.230971ft
87km 285,433.070866ft
88km 288,713.910761ft
89km 291,994.750656ft
90km 295,275.590551ft
91km 298,556.430446ft
92km 301,837.270341ft
93km 305,118.110236ft
94km 308,398.950131ft
95km 311,679.790026ft
96km 314,960.629921ft
97km 318,241.469816ft
98km 321,522.309711ft
99km 324,803.149606ft
100km 328,083.989501ft


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