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Calories burned in workouts calculator is used to calculate the calories burned in a human body while doing workouts and exercises.

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About Calories Burned In Workouts Calculator

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This online calculator is used to calculate the calories burned in a human body while doing workouts and exercises.

Using Calories Burned In Workouts calculator

  1. Enter your weight either in kilograms or pounds.
  2. Select an Activity Classification and a Specific Activity
  3. The MET field will be automatically filled with value based on the activity you have selected. In most cases, you don't need to change it. Leave this field unchanged, if you are not familiar with MET values.
  4. Enter the time.
  5. Finally, click the Calculate Energy button. The energy produced will be calculated kcal otherwise simply called as calories along with the approximate weight loss. The result will be displayed in the boxes below the button.

Calories Burned In Workouts


Calorie is the unit of measurement of energy. In food world, what we mean by calorie is actually kilocalorie (kilogram calories). For simplicity we are using the term calorie instead of kilocalorie.

Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET)

Metabolic Equivalent of Task otherwise called as Metabolic Equivalent or MET is the measurement of energy consumed by the human body performing physical activities. MET can be calculated using this formula:

1 MET = 1 kcal ÷ (kg × h)


  • MET = Metabolic Equivalent of Task.
  • kcal = Energy in kilocalorie.
  • kg = Weight of human body in kilogram.
  • h = Time in hours.

The MET formula can be rewritten using kilojoules instead of kilocalories like this:

1 MET = 4.184 kJ ÷ (kg × h)


  • kJ = kilojoule.

Calculating Calories Burned During Workouts

Using the above MET formula, we can find the energy used by a human body to perform the workouts. The Compendium of Physical Activities(See reference) came up with an extensive list of physical activities and the MET values for them. Using this MET values and the weight of the human body along with the duration of the physical activity, we can identify the energy consumed or the calories burned by the human body. The formula used is:

kcal = MET × kg × h

Calculating Weight loss During Workouts

After identifying the calories burned during workouts using the MET formula, we can identify the approximate weight loss using the calorific value of body fat. One pound of (0.45 kilogram) of body fat is equal to 3500 kcal. Even though weight loss during workouts involves tissues and muscles along with body fat, the quantity of weight loss due to muscles and other tissues are very less compared to the body fat. So, we can roughly assume that one pound of weight could be lost by burning 3500 kcal. Thus, you can lose 1 kilogram of your body weight by burning approximately 7700 kcal. Here is the formula to calculate weight loss based on the energy consumed by workouts.

kg = kcal ÷ 7700


  • kg = Weight loss in kg.
  • kcal = Energy in kilocalorie.


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